hi from brussels

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hi from brussels

Message  stefanosv le 01.08.13 23:39

Hi guys,

sorry I dont speak french very well so I prefer to introduce myself in english (Italian and Spanish would be good too, I understand perfectly french but I am not fluent...) 

I am italian, moved to Brussels 3 years ago and I love RC cars!!!! Years back I was racing with 2 cars, one 1/10 and one 1/8 always nitro and, after a very long time, I finally bought a TT01E 2 weeks ago that I have already upgraded with many things
I wanted to try drifting so I am new here, I am practicing but I really love it and the tamiya is actually not that bad
I am so happy I finally found somebody here since playing alone is not so fun... it looks like you are mostly playing in Fosses la ville which is not really around the corner for me. is some of you from Brussels? do you organize meetings here around? is there any nice place where I can go and drift beside supermarket parking?

For now I will go around in the forum and check it out, I hope to meet you guys soon!!!!



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let s drift ;)

Message  Invité le 13.04.14 10:11

hi, i'm Greg. i'm 26 from watermal boisfort..
i drift every sunday at ikea zaventem , with some friends. but we want to be more.
if you want to meet us. contact me on the forum.
sorry for my bad english and see you later


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